2015-11-12 16:30:30
Ajutati-ma va rog!!!!! E urgent!!!! Dau coroana si punctaj maxim!!!!!!!
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2015-11-12 19:09:42

The last weekend I was at my grandparents.I left with my brother Friday morning.Because the time was very hot,we decided to go to our grandparents in the morning on cool.I helped my grandparents through the garden,my brother and I ate more apples,pears,plums,strawberries.We all dyed the house with lime.There we met some friends with whom we play in childhood.I stayed only five days,but my brother stayed longer.It was a great holiday for me,besides seeing my grandparent,who I was very missed  for,I did many interesting things.I reviewed my friends and had a great time with them.The most pleasant thing for me,is that I helped my grandparent,who really needed a helping hand.I love you so much. my grandparents.

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