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Match the words with their definitions:1.ceremony a)something that is full of colour and happiness  2.christening b)something that gives one pleasure 3.enjoyable c)a formal event such as a wedding 4.bridesmaid d)the person one is engaged to  5.entertainment e)a ceremony in which a baby is officially given his or her name 6.baptize f)special event that is organized so that people can enjoy themselves for example,on a birthday anniversary  7.festive g)a woman or a girl who helps and accompanies a bride on her wedding day  8.fiance h)activity that is intended to entertain people 9.celebration i)to sprinkle water on someone or to immerse somebody in water as a sign that he or she has become a member of a Christian church
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1 - e 2 - i 3 - b 4 - g 5 - h 6 - a 7 - c 8 - d 9- f gata

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