2023-11-20 22:36:30
Ajutati-ma va rog mult cu un exercitiu la engleza..Va rog frumos))Urgent...Primul care a facut corect marchez ca cel mai bun))VA IMPLOR Report the following statements and questions: a)She said ,,Emil Loteanu was the most famous film director in Moldova" b)The teacher said ,,People with intellectual disabilities are human first and disadvantaged second." c)Dorin said ,,My school was built in 1995." d)The speaker said ,,Our state will provide the schools for handicapped children with necessary things.." e)He said ,,I helped a blind man to cross the street the other day." f)The teacher said ,,Water freezes at 0 degree Centigrade." g)The foreigner said ,,I like your nice and green city." h)The student answered ,,Eminescu was born on the 15 th of January 1850." Va implor din inima ajutati-ma....Va rog frumos~!
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2023-11-20 23:50:42

A)She said that Emilian Loteanu was the famous film director in Moldova. B) The techer said that people with intellectual disabilities are human first and disadvantaget second. C) Dorin said that his school was build in 1995. Nu le stiu pe celelalte

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