2016-04-12 22:22:00
!HELP!. Make a project about food in your country. Va rog ajutati-ma!!Dau coroana si 20 puncte!!!!
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2016-04-13 00:06:57

Traditional Romanian cuisine is the name the result of the synthesis, in time, of the tastes and gastronomic customs specific to the Romanian people. It is diverse, it contains countless customs and culinary traditions, specific dishes, along with habits from the intersection of gastronomic culture with traditions of other peoples, with which the Romanian people have come into contact with history. The Romanian cuisine includes both daily dishes and special holiday meals. As the Romanian people have been a Christian since the beginning of their training, the Romanian cuisine includes a large number of feasts arranged according to the season and the celebrated feast. Romanian dishes are made up of vegetables, cereals, vegetable oils, milk, dairy products as well as meat and meat by-products. A special place in the Romanian Cuisine has its sweets, pies, sweets.

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