2016-04-11 18:33:30
White the past simple of the following verbs. open,love,plan,empty,regret,quarrel, drop,die,cry, fry, arrieve, play,stay,travel,close, tidy.
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2016-04-11 23:29:04

Opened, loved, planned, emptied, regretted, quarreled, dropped, died, cried, fried, arrived, played, stayed, travelled, closed, tidied. I hope I helped you!

2016-04-11 23:30:19

To open-opened To love-loved To plan- planned To empty-emptied To regret-regretted To quarrel-quarreled To drop- dropped To die-died To cry-cried To fry-frayed To arrive-arrived To play-played To stay-stayed To travel-traveled To close-closed To tidy-tidied

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