2016-04-11 02:53:30
in pairs, write the abstract noun, concrete noun, adjective and adverb from the following verbs. Then write sentences using them: admire, compete, correct, enthuse, exhaust, expend, organise, guide, invite, produce, qualify, repeat. Va rog imi puteti rezolva si mie acest ex?
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2016-04-11 07:33:29

Abstract nouns : enthuse, exhaust, expend Concrete nouns: Correct, produce, Adjectives: qualify, invite, repeat Adverbs: Compete, admire, guide, organise, qualify        Propozitiile :  I (admire) the dolphins in the aquarium. They are (competing) with each other. The answer to the question was (correct). They both (enthuse) over my new look. Her day out had ( exhausted ) her. It was to (expend) to buy. My sister had to (organise) her clothes. We need a leader to (guide) us ! We were (invited) to a dinner. Beez (produce) honey. She was (qualified) in X factor. The final will be a (repeat) of last year.                  Sper ca te ajuta..

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